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Forklift Tipping Skips

Automatic Forklift Tipping Skip. Type SK - SWL 4000 kg

Automatic Forklift Tipping Skip. Type SK - SWL 4000 kg

Automatic Forklift Tipping Skip. Type SK - SWL 4000 kg

Product Code: SK 300
Heavy duty tipping skip with automatic release tipping mechanisms, allowing driver to empty the container from the safety of his cab. 4000 kg load capacity. Availability 2-3 weeks. FREE UK mainland delivery (excluding Highlands & Islands)
Heavy duty roll forward tipping skip, with a load capacity of 4000 kg. Sturdy unit, designed to withstand tough operating conditions has a 5 mm body mounted on a 6 mm chassis. Emptying of the container can be safely carried out safely from driver's seat. Securing chain provided, prevents slipping and unintentional emptying. Units have the option of being supplied with  2 swivel + 2 fixed, heavy duty, polyamide, castors, Ø 180 mm, one swivel castor with brake - construction height 220 mm

The tilt release can be activated in two ways.
A. Automatic release activated when the release foot comes into contact with the rim of the container contents are being emptied into. To reset the skip, for use again, tilt fork-legs backward and skip will automatically reposition itself to its normal operating position. This system allows driver to remain in cab throughout.

B. Manual release activated at any height via pull cable from driver’s seat.

Fork sleeves

 Inside dimensions:
SK 300:  A-300  B-200  C-80 (mm)
SK 600:  A-600  B-200  C-80 

Colour choice

Type Volume Dimensions Load capacity Weight
- L x W x H (mm) kg kg
SK 300 0.30 1260 x 770 x 975 4000 205
SK 600 0.60 1260 x 1070 x 975 4000 240
SK 900 0.90 1260 x 1570 x 975 4000 295
SK 1200 1.20 1720 x 1070 x 1240 4000 355
SK 1700 1.70 1720 x 1570 x 1240 4000 430
SK 2100 2.10 1720 x 1870 x 1240 4000 480

Delivered complete with 'CE' Certificate, EG conformity statement and full operating instructions

Options available on request - Telephone: 01584-819233
  • Fully welded container (oil & watertight)
  • Crane lifting eyes
  • Hot-dip galvanized versions