Brushes & Magnets

The sweeping of leaves,debris and snow in large areas can be a time consuming laborious job - but fear not - we have the answer with a range of purpose designed brush heads for quick attachment to forklift trucks. Once mounted on the forks that large area will be swept in next to no time saving both on labour and costs. Suplied complete with operating instructions.
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Fork Mounted Magnet
Fork Mounted Magnet enables the fast and effective clearance of metal objects from large areas such as runways, car parks, scrap yards and factory floors.
Fork Mounted Sweeper
Fork Mounted Brush, ideal for sweeping large areas, such as roadways, warehouses and yards, of dirt and contamination.
Forklift Broom
Forklift brooms make light work of sweeping large areas of dirt and contamination. The polypropylene bristles are hard wearing - ideal for sweeping in the toughest of environments. Available in 3 widths.