Drop Away Base Container
Drop Away Base Container
Drop Away Base Container
Drop Away Base Container
Drop Away Base Container

Drop Away Base Container

Product Code: SB 500
Economical way to collect waste or for delivering bulk loads using the minimum of space.
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Heavy Duty Container for collection, storage and transfer of materials to be recycled such as scrap metal, glass, wood and cardboard. Featuring 3 mm thick steel walls and 4 mm reinforced steel floors, units have smooth interior walls for efficient emptying through the trap door, which can be operated from the driver’s seat. Guiding plates attached to the trap door give more precise emptying. The trap door is operated by cable from the driver's seat, closes automatically when the container is set down on the ground.
Security chain is provided to prevent slipping or tilting and the units can be stacked 3 high (cannot be stacked if castors fitted).

Supplied complete with ‘CE’- Certificate, EG Conformity statement and full operating instructions.

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FB 500-2000 fork sleeves (hoops) inside dimensions (mm): A-630  B-160  C-65

Min length of forks 1100 mm

Accessories available:
  • Galvanized lid, can be opened either side 
  • Wheel set with 2 solid rubber wheels Ø 180 mm and two swivel castors one of which is braked.
Select from five different colour finishes

Type Volume Dimensions Load capacity Weight
- Approx in m³  L x W x H (mm) kg kg
SB 500 0.50 1035 x 1304 x 700 1000 165
SB 750 0.75 1035 x 1304 x 930 1500 188
SB 1000 1.00 1035 x 1904 x 1160 2000 211
SB 1500 1.50 1035 x 1904 x 1160 2000 265
SB 2000 2.00 1035 x 1904 x 1465 2000 304



Hinged Bottom Skip. Type FB
Forklift bins for collecting bulk materials and waste materials for recycling. The versatile drop bottom bins can be transported by pallet trucks, cranes and forklift trucks.
Building Material Container
Ideal for ease when delivering bulk materials of brick/stone etc to building sites. Sturdy units with heavy load capacities.
Conical Containers
Conical Containers with a drop away base, suitable for use with forklift trucks and cranes. Containers can be used for collecting waste materials , cardboard, offcuts etc. and can be stacked in one another when not in use, saving space.