Fluorescent Tube Handling

Storage and handling solutions for Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes whether new or used have to be stored carefully to prevent mercury escaping into the environment. Unimac have the solution with our range of Fluorescent Tube Storage Boxes designed to protect tubes during transportation and for storage of used tubes awaiting disposal. All Unimac Fluorescent Tube Boxes are specifically designed for the safe storage of tubes and are available in a variety of sizes. Check out our range and you will discover Unimac have the best range of Fluorescent Tube Storage boxes available.                                        

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Fluorescent Tube Disposal Box
Boxes manufactured from heavy duty correx, offering safe storage for used fluorescent tubes until they are collected for recycling.
Fluorescent Tube Carry Case
Fluorescent Tube Carry Case for the safe transportation of fluorescent tubes around industrial and commercial sites, especially food factories.
Fluorescent Tube Recycling Container
Mobile boxes specifically designed for the collection of waste fluorescent lamp bulbs. Small box holds 6' tubes. Large box holds 8' tubes.
Aluminium  Fluorescent Tube Box
Lightweight aluminium box, designed specifically for the collection and transport of used fluorescent tubes.
Fluorescent Tube Box Type SL
Fluorescent Tube Box for the safe collection and transportation of up to 1100 used fluorescent tubes. Available with choice of galvanized door or galvanized door and hinged lid.