Forklift Drum Gripper FL201,

Forklift Drum Gripper Attachment

Product Code: DRG 100
Drum Gripper for lifting and transporting 210 litre drums
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Forklift Drum Gripper - suitable for 210 litre Steel or Plastic Drums
The steel jaws of the gripper, grip the rim (chimb) of the drum, allowing the drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them. Parrot beak jaw mechanism utilises the weight of the drum, to lock it in situ, ensuring the load cannot come loose on rough terrain. Drum Gripper may be used with 120 or 210 litre steel drums, and "L" /"XL" plastic drums. Manufactured with a mild steel frame along with a zinc plated, hardened steel, jaw. Drum Gripper is also available manufactured completely from Stainless Steel, which makes it suitable for use in the food and drink processing industries.

  • Strong 'Parrot Beak' gripping mechanism, ensure drums are held securely in place
  • Fully automatic without the driver leaving the safety of his seat
  • No need for  operator to leave truck seat, reducing labour costs and faster loading/unloading
  • Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to truck
  • Maximum fork section 125 x 50 mm at 412 mm centres
  • Painted bright orange
Type No of drums Capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
DRG100 1 750 70
DRG200 2 1500 90

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Forklift Drum Lifter Attachment - for 1 or 2 Drums
Automatic forklift drum grab with quick-slide two-position adjustment to allow handling of 210 litre steel drums with rolling hoops.
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