Forklift Drum Handling Attachments

A range of attachments for forklift trucks which allow easy & efficient drum handling. Items include drum grabs, drum grippers and drum turning attchments all designed to make the handling of full drums simple. All attachments have been tried, tested and approved. Delivered complete with ‘CE’-Certificate, EG conformity statement and full operating instructions.
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Forklift Drum Turner Attachment
Drum Turner unit allows one man to lift, turn, control emptying and safely transport drums. Available with a choice of crank handle or looped chain operation, for low or high level controlled discharge.
Forklift Drum Gripper Attachment
Drum Gripper for lifting and transporting 210 litre drums
Forklift Drum Lifter - Plastic Drums
Forklift Drum Lifter - for transporting plastic drums with a lid ranging from 110 to 220 litres
Forklift Drum Lifter Attachment - for 1 or 2 Drums
Automatic forklift drum grab with quick-slide two-position adjustment to allow handling of 210 litre steel drums with rolling hoops.
Drum Rotator - Forklift Attachment
Drum Rotator for up-righting 200 litre steel bunghole drums and rolling hoop drums from a horizontal position or to store drums lying down.
Plastic Drum Jack - Forklift Attachment
Plastic Drum Jack-  manufactured from steel, ideal for transporting 120, 150 or 220 litre plastic drums
Drum Tipper for Forklift Truck or Crane
Drum Tipper, suitable for use with crane or forklift truck, tipping process by loop chain.