Long Load Handling

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Forklift Wide Load Container
Wide load container attachment for forklift trucks, ideal for the collection and tilting of materials such as planks, plastic profiles and metal rods
Forklift Heavy Duty Trailer Type STS
Forklift Tender ideal for transporting long materials. Quick and easy to use - simply drive the forks into the fork sleeves on the STS, raise it and it's ready for use!
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Forklift Wide Load Platform -Type RGP
Forklift, wide load, platform attachment, ideal for the collection and tilting of materials such as off-cuts, chip board and sheet metal.
Forklift Wide Load Handler - Type WLH
Forklift truck attachment with 4 supporting forks, enables safe handling of extra wide loads, such as timber planks, sheet steel, tubing, plastic pipes etc. Truck forks fit inside centre pockets and are secured with heel pins. 
LoadLifter, specifically designed for the safe loading and unloading of roll cages onto and from articulated vehicles. 
Long Material Sidecar - LSW
Sidecar with fold-out fork pockets for transporting long material.