Vehicle Spill kits

Spill Response Kits specifically designed for use in vehicles from a small company car up to a full size truck we have a kit to fit the bill. With the use of these kits driver's will be able to clear any minor spillages safely.
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Car & Small Van Spill Kit
Small Spill Response Kits suitable for workmen in company cars / small vans. Compact kits can be stored behind the driver's seat.
Van Spill Kit
Van Spill Kit, with a capacity of 38 litres, packed in a clear clip top bag, complete with instructions. The compact kit will absorb most industrial types of liquids safely including non-aggressive chemicals
Truck Spill Kit
Truck Spill Kit ideal for use in motor vehicles. Ideal size for delivery drivers. Available in capacities of 38 litres & 73 litres
Truck ADR Spill Kit
Compact ADR spill kit supplied in a 20 litre container complete with instructions.
Full ADR Spill Kit
Full ADR Kit, supplied in a waterproof bag, has all the equipment to clean up any spillages and protect the environment
Battery Acid Spill Kit
Batteries acid leaks or spills in battery charging areas are commonplace. Protect employees from harmful skin burns with the use of a Battery Acid Sill Kit which has all the correct contents to deal with any incident quickly and safely.