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Big Bag Handling Attachments

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Bulk Bag Carrier - BBC1000

Big Bag Lifting Beam is a practical solution enabling bags with 4 loops to be lifted by crane or forklift truck with an overhead lifting hook.

From: £345.00
Sand Bag Carrier - SBC

Fork Mounted Sand Bag Carrier designed to make handling of full sand bags/ bulk bags/ tonne bags a safe and simple operation.

From: £715.00
Big Bag Lifting Traverse for Cranes - TBB

Sturdy lifting traverse designed for handling big-bags. Simply attach the traverse to a lifting hook on a crane or forklift truck, unit is now ready to lift and transport big bags.

Big Bag Lifting Traverse - TBB-E

Big Bag lifting traverse, with full length fork sleeves, ideal for quick and easy movement of big bags. SWL 1000 kg.

Big Bag Lifting Frame.  Type TBB-W

Lifting Traverse for Big-Bags - easy and safe transport of filled big bags with forklift or crane

Bulk Bag Filling Combo

Quick and easy method of filling bulk bags is achieved with the combination of two products, filling hopper BTM and lifting frame TBB-W. Manufactured to order allow 4-5 weeks.


Bulk Bag Filling Hopper BTM

Filling hopper specifically designed for quick and easy filling of large bulk bags saving both time and effort.

Bulk Bag Hopper  BBH

​​​​​​Bulk Bag Hopper enables safe and fast filling of Bulk Bags. Bags are placed on an empty pallet and then suspended on 4 hooks, holding the bag securely in place during the filling operation.

Filling Hopper BTS

Filling hopper designed to make filling of large containers quick and easy. Speeds up production and saves on cost when loading large containers. The hopper is manufactured with a fully welded sheet steel body supported by a robust frame

Locating Yoke - LY 2500

Used in conjunction with several handling items such as Mechanical Scissor Grab and Bulk Bag Carrier, the Locating Yoke minimizes the potential of a swinging load.

Sandhopper Portable Sandbag Filler

Sandbag filling tool can save time, money and back ache! Simple to use and requires only one person to fill sand bags quickly and efficiently. The bags are held open whilst being filled from the hopper above.

Telehandler Bag Filling Bucket TBB 1000

Telehandler Big Bag Filling Bucket designed for fast moving, stacking and filling of aggregate bags. Bucket features a hardened front wear edge, which allows full bucket of aggregate to be scooped before emptying into big bag below.


Range of forklift/telehandler attachments for the safe handling and filling of big bags.