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4 Wheelie Great Ideas

The team @ Unimac have been busy over the last few weeks adding an exciting range of wheelie bin products to our ever expanding range of forklift accessories. The first products to be added to the range were Wheelie Bin Tippers a clever system designed for the fast emptying and cleaning of wheelie bins which can be a real pain unless the right equipment for the job is used.


The wheelie bin tippers are designed to use with forklift trucks, making the operation easier and quicker thereby saving on time and labour.

Easy to use, the self-locking hooks, hold the wheelie bin securely in place during emptying and the tippers are suitable for fork-lift trucks, site dumpers and other vehicles with forks.
The sturdy steel constructed units can be secured by means of the chain provided to prevent slipping and unintentional emptying.
The operation can be carried out safely from the driver’s seat.

The second wheelie bin product to be added was the Wheelie Bin Handler an attachment for forklift trucks ensuring it was a simple lift and empty operation of a large wheelie bin 1100 litres in size. The forklift wheelie bin handler attachment slides onto the forks of the lift truck and is retained by heel pins. Lifting slots on the wheelie bin handler locate on the side trunnions of the wheelie bins. To empty a wheelie bin simply raise the forklift wheelie bin handler to the required height so that the side of the recepticle is positioned on the base of the bin. When forward motion is applied the bin rotates to the required angle on the trunnions until the waste is emptied. (Only suitable for large wheelie bins with flat lids & side trunnions). It’s that easy!

Third on the list of new additions to the range was the Wheelie Bin Cradle an indispensible aid for transporting, emptying and cleaning large volume wheelie bins of 1100 litres with 4 wheels. The unit has a sturdy frame with hydraulic release mechanism is designed to handle large volume wheelie bins manufactured to DIN EN 840-3.  A steel cable holds the lid open during emptying which is controlled by the fork-lift hydraulic system; operating pressure min.130 bars.  The bins are held firmly in place during emptying by means of 2 bolts for steel bins, and 2 folding arms for plastic bins.  A restrictor valve enables smooth regulation of the emptying process. The hot-dip galvanized unit is delivered complete with a fixture to hook up hydraulic hoses, steel cable and safety chain.

Wheelie Bin Cradle

Wheelie Bin Cradle


Wheelie Bin Jacks

Wheelie Bin Jacks

Last but not least another great product has been introduced the Wheelie Bin Jack the safe and efficient way to transport wheelie bins.The units consist of a sturdy frame with fork sleeves and a gripping mechanism screwed to the upper frame. The lower frame has a protective rubber strip mounted to prevent damage to the wheelie bins. The system is manufactured in 3 different sizes to handle one, two, or three bins at a time. Type MH-I and type MH-III are manufactured to meet DIN EN 840-1 for wheelie bins ranging from 80-260 litres made of plastic and 240 litre wheelie bins made of steel sheeting. Type-II can accommodate larger 1100 litre bins.

Click here for full details of these exciting new products

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