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Spring Clean @ Unimac

Over the past week the team  have been busy removing cobwebs  from the Unimac web site. During the winter months a significant increase in sales resulted in little time to spend on upgrades and product improvements. However, we have now achieved our objective and many improvements have been completed to make the site more user friendly.

Product categories have been reorganised  making the site easier to navigate and find products. The task began with Spill Control Kits which we felt needed a better layout. This we have now achieved by uploading better quality images, and displaying the various absorbents in columns clearly showing Maintenance, Oil Only and Chemical variants.

Safety Containers and Spill Trays were also given the same treatment, with cleaner, fresher images again used to enhance the site. Next on the list was Expandastore where we had may enquiries asking the delivery cost of the units available. No longer! We have added a post code chart indicating amounts to be charged to the various areas, we have also added a button for the shopping cart, to enable customers to complete the purchase with delivery costs included. Brilliant! Why didn’t we do this earlier?

Unimac  have the largest range of Tipping Skips available in the UK, and to improve this area, we have  added many You Tube videos showing how the various units work. Now, at the touch of a button,  customers can see how these units would work for them, giving them the confidence to purchase. This is an ongoing exercise which will added as and when footage is available.

Has it been worth the effort? A resounding yes! Already we have sold many items that previously languished on the site with no movement whatsoever!

So what’s next on the hit list? Upward and onward! Drum Sump Pallets and Shelving Systems are due for a good dust down and will then be put back in different categories with better images etcetera.

Is there ever an end to all this dusting and sorting one asks? Based on the finished results we will monitor the site more closely, and are committed to on going improvements! Watch this space!

Posted by Charles 01/05/2014


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