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Tool Theft

TB1aProtecting Tools & Equipment.

Tools are extremely valuable possessions and when stolen, can impact hugely on small businesses. Police advise all van owners to remove their tools from the vehicle when it is left unattended for long periods of time and overnight. All very good. However, it not always convenient to do this, so what is the alternative?


Secure your van: Security lighting and a vehicle alarm will go a long way towards deterring criminals, but don’t forget to secure your tools inside your vehicle.  Thieves tend to go for boxed tools, and you can make their lives much harder by chaining and padlocking your toolboxes (and other expensive bits of kit) to the floor of your van.

Secure van boxes
If a thief does get into your van, then a van box can still keep any tools inside safe.

Unimac has the answer with their range of quality Tuffbank tool boxes, and small van boxes, featuring robust 5 lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates available for as little as £145.00 – a small price to pay for securing  expensive tools! For larger tools two sizes of Truck Boxes are offered, each providing secure tool storage especially when bolted to the vehicle floor.

Tools used on-site

Theft of tools and equipment used on-site is commonplace, resulting in loss of production, plus additional costs in replacing expensive equipment. Check out the range of site boxes and site chests available from Unimac.  They have many features to ensure your tools are protected. For workmen moving around different areas on site consider the use of a Barrobox, simply wheel Barrobox into position, retract the wheels and the box becomes immovable. When tools are required in another area, lower the wheels, retract the handles and manoeuvre into position.

Doing nothing is not an option, protect your tools now and keep thieves at bay!

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