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Wheelie Good Handling Equipment

Wheelie bins are a great asset when used in industry and commerce for collecting general day to day rubbish, having a large capacity and being easy to manoeuvre. The problem arises when it comes to emptying the bins, they are difficult to handle when fully laden and can cause injuries to operators in the process. Unimac have the answer with a range of wheelie bin handlers, designed to make emptying quick and easy.

A recent addition to the range is a Wheelie Bin Tipping Station, designed for emptying and cleaning of 120/240 litre wheelie bins. Ideal for use in the workplace for emptying bins into larger waste skips, they are available with a choice of manual or electrically operated hydraulic pumps, ensuring the emptying is both quick and effortless.

When rubbish has to be emptied into full size skips, wheelie bin tipper attachments for forklifts are the answer. Unimac have a choice of two units available, the wheelie bin tipper MK 240 and the universal wheelie bin handler WBL101, both can accommodate bins up to 240 litres in size and can be emptied from the safety of the driver’s cab.

1100 litre capacity flat lid wheelie bins, used for collecting rubbish on industrial and commercial sites, present no problem when it comes to emptying with the aid of a purpose designed handler, type WBH 1100. The forklift wheelie bin handler attachment slides onto the forks of the lift truck and is retained by heel pins. Lifting slots on the wheelie bin handler locate on the side trunnions of the wheelie bins. To empty simply raise the forklift wheelie bin handler to the required height so that the side of the receptacle is positioned on the base of the bin. When forward motion is applied the bin rotates to the required angle on the trunnions until the waste is emptied.

For large volume wheelie bins with arched lids, the Unimac range includes a wheelie bin cradle unit which is hydraulically operated and controlled by the forklift driver from the safety of his seat. Featuring a tilting angle of 135 degrees and a load capacity of 600 kg the Type KM wheelie bin cradle makes light work of emptying arched wheelie bins.

Whatever the size of wheelie bin in use, Unimac have the best choice of equipment for safe and efficient handling saving costs on both labour and time.

Wheelie Bin Cradle

Wheelie Bin Cradle

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