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Forklift Hooks & Lifting Attachments

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Locating Yoke - LY 2500

Used in conjunction with several handling items such as Mechanical Scissor Grab and Bulk Bag Carrier, the Locating Yoke minimizes the potential of a swinging load.

Adjustable Fork Mounted Hook - Type AH

Adjustable fork mounted hook, provides a quick and economical method of lifting and positioning un-palletised loads. Multiple lifting positions can be achieved by the correct positioning of the attachment along the fork blade.

From: £375.00
Fork Mounted Hook - Type UFH

Quick and easy to use attachment transforms forklift truck into a mobile crane. Four sizes available with lifting capacities 1000 to 4000 kg.

From: £405.00
Automatic Pallet Forks

Automatic Pallet Forks, ideal for use, with an overhead crane, in situations where there is no room for fork trucks to manoeuvre.

Item Required
APF 1000
APF 2000
Restraint Net
Forklift Crane Arm - Low Profile Jib - Type LP

Low Profile Jib allows the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations, with 5 different lifting centres.

From: £610.00
Low Profile Extending Jib - Type LEP

Fork-lift Crane Arm Attachment, Type LEP, with fixed beam and 10 hook positions. Ideal for use when height is at a premium, enabling the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations, with the potential of 5 different lifting centres.

From: £810.00
Fork Mounted Jib - Type FJ-OP

When height is not at a premium, but maximum lift capacity is critical, the Fork Mounted Jib allows the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations.

From: £780.00
Fork Mounted Extending Jib - Type EJ-OP

Forklift extending jib attachment enables movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations. Multi-hook positions, with 9 different lifting positions between1M and 3M. 

From: £1,025.00
Forklift High Lifting Jib - Type HLJ

Fork Mounted High Lift Jib increases overall lifting height of fork truck and is particularly useful when lifting over static obstructions.

Height Adjustable Extending Jib -Type AEJ

Height adjustable extending jib unit, both quick and easy to attach to the forks, converting a forklift truck into a long reach mobile crane.

Mechanical Block Grab  SG 500

Mechanical Scissor Grab, for lifting and moving safely, packs of blocks and bricks. Fully mechanically operated by forklift, overhead crane or HIAB.

Mechanical Block Grab SG 600

Scissor Grab SG 600 suitable for handling double block layers, kerbs, flags etc. Best operated in conjunction with forklift locating yoke LY 2500

Forklift  Spreader Beam Attachment - Type USB

Spreader Beam, useful attachment for cranes and excavators when handling wide loads up to 5m in length.

Battery Lifting Beam - Type  BLB

Battery Lifting Beam specifically designed for the safe removal of battery boxes from forklift trucks. 

From: £699.00
Forklift Extendable Loading Arm - Type LAT-25-1.0

Extendable loading arm for fork-lift trucks set at an angle of 25° with 7 hook settings. Maximum boom length 2500 mm.

Forklift Loading Arm - Type LA 25-1.0

Fork-lift loading arm makes light work of moving heavy equipment in the workplace. Maximum load capacity 1000 kg.

Forklift Load Lifter Attachment - Type  FLL

LoadLifter, specifically designed for the safe loading and unloading of roll cages onto and from articulated vehicles.  Availability 2-3 weeks. FREE UK mainland delivery (excluding Highlands & Islands)

Forklift Long Load Handler Type LSL

Forklift attachment for the safe handling of long loads such as steel tubes. Two sets of fork pockets, enable long loads to be carried at the front or the side of the fork truck.

Forklift Long Material Sidecar - Type LSW

Sidecar with fold-out fork pockets for transporting long material.

From: £1,060.00
Forklift Wide Load Container Type LGK

Wide load container attachment for forklift trucks, ideal for the collection and tilting of materials such as planks, plastic profiles and metal rods.

Forklift Wide Load Handler - Type WLH

Forklift truck attachment with 4 supporting forks, enables safe handling of extra wide loads, such as timber planks, sheet steel, tubing, plastic pipes etc. Truck forks fit inside centre pockets and are secured with heel pins.  Price & availability on request.

A range of Crane Hooks, Crane Arms, Crane Jibs and Loading Arm attachments, available from Unimac, quickly transform forklift trucks into mobile cranes. These units will make light work of lifting heavy equipment, within the workplace, increasing production and lowering labour costs. All units are manufactured to the highest standards and are delivered complete with 'CE' Certificate, EG conformity statement and full operating instructions.