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Wheelie Bin Handlers



Product Code: FM-WBH-DTR
Wheelie Bin Rotator for lifting and rotating 660 - 1100 litre wheelie bins. Rotation by crank handle, continuous loop chain or hydraulic operation. Availability 15-20 days. FREE UK mainland delivery (excluding Highlands & Islands)

Forklift wheelie bin rotator attachment, designed to safely lift and rotate 660 to 1100 litre bins with side trunnions. Wheelie bins are rotated and emptied in a safe and controlled manner with the aid of a high quality gearbox.

Bins are securely fastened to the wheelie bin rotator by means of webbing and ratchet straps, and have the option of crank handle, loop chain or hydraulic rotation.

Supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

FM-WBH-DTR             Lifting Capacity 250 kg

FM-WBH-DTR-HD      Lifting Capacity 500 kg  Heavy duty version - available on request

Bin Rotation - by wind handle, continuous loop chain or hydraulic operation.  

• Simple operation allows wheelie bins to be tipped and emptied without manual handling, thus reducing risk of injury

• High quality gearbox allows wheelie bins to rotate in mid air, therefore allowing access to all areas of the wheelie bin for cleaning or repair

• Heel pin retention to forklift forks ensure the wheelie bin handler is safely secured to the forklift truck during operation

• Painted in high gloss yellow finish to highlight visibility on forklift truck  

• 'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to comply with Health & Safety Regulations

Please note:

Only suitable for large Plastic Wheelie Bins with flat lids & side trunnions

Operating Large Wheelie Bin Rotator

To fit the attachment, slide the forks into the fork pockets until they are fully engaged. Screw the clamps down firmly to retain the attachment on the truck.

In order to pick up the wheelie bin for transportation or pouring, set the girdle to the horizontal position by using the handle or chain fitted to the geared Turning Unit/gear box. Remove the pins from the trunnion locators. The truck forks must then be positioned at a height such that the girdle fits around the centre of the bin and the bin trunnions sit into the trunnion locators. The bin is secured by placing the webbing strap hook through the link provided and operating the ratchet lashing unit to tighten the girdle. Replace the trunnion locator pins. Ensure that the drum is held securely before lifting. Once lifted into the pouring position, the bin is rotated by means of the handle or continuous loop chain. The worm gear locks the bin at any desired angle. Hydraulic models are also available to eliminated the need to leave the truck cab, the units can be fitted with a hydraulic worm gar reducer, which connect via two hoses to the forklift auxiliary inputs, rotation is then carried out hydraulically via a lever from the truck cab.

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