Small Hazardous Waste Containers

A range of small containers and canisters for safe containment of hazardous waste liquids. Quality UN approved containers all designed for safe storage and transportation of hazardous waste products. Take no risks and get the best hazardous waste containers from Unimac.
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Liquid Disposal Cans 12751 & 12754
Disposal can for safe liquid disposal of flammable solvents
Safety Disposal Cans for non flammable liquids 12161
Use as a liquid disposal can for non corrosive liquids
Solvent Safety Can with fill guage 14265
Solvent Safety Cans with fill guage - capacity 7.5 litres
Safety Disposal Can 14762
FM APPROVED Safety Can is ideal for the safe collection of flammable solvents. Capacity 7.5 litres
Large Safety Disposal Can 14765
Safe collection of flammable solvents made simple with this safety disposal can. Capacity 19 litres