Tipping Cart

Tipping Cart

Product Code: KJ 150L
Use anywhere tipping cart with large wheels, ideal for transporting fine grained materials or for collecting swarf under lathes and milling machines.
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Robust Tipping Cart with a tipping pan that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The two large wheels (400 mm diameter) are ideal for use over rough and uneven terrain. The tipping pan is  fully welded and fitted with an automatic locking mechanism preventing the pan from discharging until required. The oil and watertight body is ideal for transporting fine grain, gravel and sand. Due to its compactness the tipping cart can be used for swarf removal in factories where space is restricted.
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Colour choice

Type Tyres Volume Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Price
KJ 150L  Pneumatic 150 Litres 1460 x 840 x 640 £419.00
KJ 150V  Solid Rubber 150 litres 1460 x 840 x 640 £439.00
KJ 250L  Pneumatic 250 litres 1500 x 840 x 825 £446.00
KJ 250V  Solid Rubber 250 litres 1500 x 840 x 825 £471.00


Swarf Barrow Tipper
Ideal sized skip for use in a busy workshop, where space to manoeuvre is limited, collecting bulk materials, swarf and metal shavings. Available in 4 sizes (volumes 250/1000 litres) with/without fork sleeves. All units have a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. Type SKW
Barrow Tipper
Robust barrow tipper for use on industrial, commercial and building sites for debris removal. The tipper has 3 lifting eyes for use with cranes. Suitable for swarf removal in factories where space is restricted.
Economy skip model KK
Compact box shaped tilting skip ideal for use in factories where space is restricted.