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Tipping skips for building sites

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SiteMaster Forklift Tipping Skip-STS

SiteMaster tipping skip, designed and built to withstand rigorous use - ideal for storage and movement of waste and other materials. Accessories available include castors, crane lifting lugs and two part lids.

Armorgard Rubble Truck

Armorgard Rubble Truck on-site designed for handling waste and rubble when working on building sites. Narrow width, enables truck to navigate internal doorways. Manufactured with an in-built tipping feature, 400 litre capacity scoop and extra strength crane lifting eyes.

Autovid Boat Skip

Boat skip ideal for transporting materials such as earth, debris, waste and concrete on building sites. Sturdy unit due to shape and core of the bucket. Fitted with an automatic bale arm that allows operator to safely discharge load, without manual intervention.


Bottom Emptying  Conical Containers-Type BKB

Conical Containers with a drop away base, suitable for use with forklift trucks and cranes. Containers can be used for collecting waste materials , cardboard, offcuts etc. and can be stacked in one another when not in use, saving space.

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Building Material Container Type BBP

Building material container, can be used as a standalone skip suitable for crane or Tilting Traverse BBT. Load capacity 1500 kg.

From: £569.00
Building Material Drop Bottom Container Type BC

Heavy duty drop bottom container, ideal for use in building sites for transporting materials and for clearing waste materials. Sturdy unit fitted with a reinforced trap door having 2 locks.

Hydraulic Traverse for Universal Containers. Type UCT

Hydraulic Traverse designed and built specifically for the safe handling and emptying of containers in the UC range.

Traverse for Building Material Container

Tilting traverse for emptying building material containers fitted with cones. The traverse can be used by cranes or fork-lift trucks and is designed for use with building material container Type BBP.      

Universal Containers

Ideal containers for collection and transport of bulk goods, production waste and material to be recycled.