Type TFB 2400 & TFB 3000

Pivoting & Extending Man-Lift Safety Baskets, are designed to be used as a short-term

Scaffold i.e. for use in places where scaffolding cannot be erected – for example on a right of way, doorways etc..

Pivoting Baskets fit/couple, to the quick-fit attachment/head-stock on telescopic handlers e.g. JCB Q-Fit, Manitou, Matbro (Cone & Pin) Quicke Euro (8) CAT, Chilton

As these baskets are fitted with a safety rail all round, and a toe plate to the bottom section, they are a safe and economical method of getting to higher places for smaller jobs. i.e. gutters (fitting or cleaning), windows (glazing, fitting, cleaning), wall cladding, painting and plastering, or in certain cases small building projects.

These baskets are unique in that they rotate through 180 degrees, enabling them to be used parallel with the jib of the telescopic handler on either side, or at any point on the 180 degree turning radius – meaning, if the passageway along a building is wide enough for a telescopic handler, with its jack legs in the lowered position, then the baskets can be extended to their maximum width, running parallel with the side of the building.  In some cases, a corner or other obstacle may necessitate the platform to be set up at a different angle on the turning circle.  This also means that the longest possible basket, can be parallel with the job in hand.


Pivoting Baskets have gates fitted to either side for easy access.  These gates must be kept closed whilst basket is in use. (The gates will automatically close).  These baskets are designed to carry a MAXIMUM LOAD OF 750 kgs.  The safe load indicator on the forklift will ensure that over-loading /over-reaching does not occur.

When using a basket, the area in which it is to be used, must always be inspected for over-head cables, trees, or other objects which may come into contact with the apparatus.  If these exist, a coned area should be placed around the objects.

The basket must only be used as a means of reaching higher places, and at no time should  there be personnel in the working platform when the forklift truck is travelling along the ground.

Personnel using the baskets must wear a harness – the tail-rope of the harness must be clipped to the centre bar of the safety rail which is designed for this purpose.

The baskets can be set at an angle suitable for the position required for work.  This should be done at ground level by means of removing a pin in the rotating assembly.

When the desired angle is obtained, the pin and safety clip must be replaced before any other operation takes place.

The tilt lever inside the cab of the telescopic handler should be disengaged either by removing the knobs and lever, or by fitting a bracket so that the lever stays in the central permanent position whilst cradle in use.


Pivoting & Extending Basket are available in two dimensions/sizes as follows:-

· 2.450 mm closed width - fully extended opens out to 4.250 mm wide

· 3.050 mm closed width - fully extended opens out to 5.400 mm wide


Pivoting & Extending Baskets are manufactured with a galvanised finish as standard as this is suitable for all weather conditions.  They can be kept outside without rusting and will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.


Working platforms are designed to carry 750 kg.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE EXCEEDED

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